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Tanya Thomas, Career Coach

Group Coaching

Hi! It's Tanya Thomas here! I believe that life is all about keeping it real and being true to who you are and to your mission. My mission is to assist people in remembering how phenomenal they are and to work with them to reach their dreams and live fully.

I have my MBA degree, I'm a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), I have Advanced CTI Certification from The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), I'm a certified Dream Coach, a Senior Trainer and Master Coach with The Anthony Robbins Companies, and I'm working towards my Ph.D. degree in Professional Coaching and Human Development.

You can tell me all your good stuff, and all your not so good stuff and I'll really listen. We'll laugh, and sometimes cry, and always have a far-out, phenomenal time.

Why group coaching? With group coaching, a safe, supportive and confidential environment is created which allows you to:

  • Access the collective wisdom of the group to add even more value to your experience.
  • Increase the probability of achieving your results by tapping into the collective group energy and by committing to the group.
  • Share intimacy and 'aha' moments to make your journey even more joyful and impact-ful.
  • Create a community of peers that extends even beyond the coaching sessions.

Before you decide to sign up, I have to tell you that this program is not for the faint-hearted. You will be given assignments, you will be held accountable for your commitments and you will be asked to contribute at a high level to your own success and to the success of each member of your group.

If you think you may be ready for this experience,  click hereto sign up. The special cost of the program is $495.00 for 4 weekly, 60 minute group sessions, a workbook, and email communication!

And…if you sign up before January 12, 2006 you receive a $100 discount on the program cost. Only $395.00!

Space is limited, so sign up now!

Tanya Thomas


Group Dream Coaching -

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