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Tanya Thomas, Career Coach

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I truly believe that every person is good at their core, and I believe that it is my purpose in life to assist people in remembering (or realizing!) how phenomenal they are and to help them reach their dreams and live fully. Coaching, just like life, is all about enjoying the journey and having fun along the way.

My strongest assets are my spirit, energy, intuition, passion, problem solving skills and my natural sense of fun! I am an expert in human behavior. I will assist you to get perspective on your current patterns and brainstorm with you as you really transition into a life of fulfillment.

With laser focus I will assist you to achieve results quickly as you get your thoughts and life responsibilities in order. I’m great at team building and have many years of experience in corporate America. I understand how corporate America works and the best ways for you to excel in that arena while living a fulfilling home life.

My coaching style will help you to make wise choices in your life.

  • I will assist you with your personal productivity and with living life more powerfully

  • I will assist you in effectively relating to others.

  • We can focus on any and every category of life that you choose, including: Relationships, Physical Health, Wealth Abundance, Emotional Mastery, Spiritual Awakening… and Fun!

  • I can assist you to sort out and re-build after personal tragedy or the consequences of poor choices.

Tanya Thomas - IT Factor Coaching

Tanya Thomas - IT Factor Coaching

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If you seem to have lost your IT, don’t worry. It’s just that you’ve lost sight of who you are, what makes you unique and whole.

We can work together to uncover IT for you.