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Tanya Thomas, Career Coach

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· How did you hear about CoachVille?
A few years ago, I went to a Full Practice Forum where Thomas Leonard talked about CoachVille; I joined immediately. With CoachVille, Thomas Leonard was building a community that was adding tremendous value to all coaches, and I very much wanted to be a part of that abundant energy and wealth of information. I love the depth of wisdom that is available through CoachVille. I also love that CoachVille is open to the public with no membership fee; that allows such a diverse group of people to take advantage of the knowledge available to either grow their coaching practice and help other people, or simply to gain a better understanding and awareness of where they are in their own lives.

What does coaching mean to you?
Assisting people through coaching allows me to live in the world of possibilities. In my own life, leaving corporate America to become a full time coach was like being freed from prison: I am now free to create and be exactly what I was meant to on this earth. Coaching also allows me to see the core essence of people and to assist them in realizing how awesome and important they are in this world. It allows me to create an environment for my clients where they can speak freely and without judgment, where they can be vulnerable and creative and resourceful. To me, coaching means being able to assist others in being themselves without any mask at all.

How do you add value through your coaching?
My coaching is like a playground. I have teeter-totters going up and down to teach balance, I have a sand pit where my clients can build castles, and I have swings where they can kick up their heels, laugh and feel the true joy of life. It’s all about playing in the game of life and having fun, while you’re learning and growing. I place tremendous value on the ability of my coaching to open people up to a place in their lives where they are even more creative, even more excited about life, and even more passionate about who they’re being. I provide a space of unconditional love where they can work on enhancing their relationships, increasing their business productivity, and putting more money in their pockets. Through coaching my clients create a better quality of life for themselves and their families, find a greater balance between work and play, and discover a sense of true purpose for their lives.

Do you have a practice-building tip you’d like to share?
Here’s my practice-building tip for anyone in coaching: treat every client as if they are gold. When I meet someone I want to make sure that I leave an imprint in their life that has them saying, “You know what, anything is possible. I can be loving, I can be happy and joyous, I am blessed.” When you treat everybody like that, you’ll always have clients. The tip that I would give new SOC students is: chunk, chunk, and chunk. Thomas Leonard was a genius in producing information for coaches! As you’re learning you need to take one piece at a time, try it on, implement is and then lives with it for a while. Add another great idea quarterly or every 6 months instead of trying to take everything on at once. That’s how you set yourself up to win.

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